The Year 2014
Reinventing Ourselves

According to numerology, the year 2014 is a number "7". The energy of 7 flows inward. This is the year to learn to trust your feelings, thoughts and intuition. You will find that it will become easier to get centered and go within to develop and nurture your soul relationship. It is time to recognize and accept that Spirit is working through you and everyone else. At times this may be difficult, and you may feel like you are stumbling through life. That's okay. After all, you are a Spiritual being having a human experience, and there may be instances where you need the darkness to recognize the light. Remember that whatever is going on in your life, you can always go home – because Home is within each of us.

Neptune (the planet that has to do with our spiritual, mystical nature) is transiting (moving through) the sign of Pisces, the most mystical sign of the zodiac. Also, Neptune 'rules' the sign of Pisces. When a planet is in the sign that it rules, it has a stronger effect on our being. [To read more about the Neptune in Pisces influence, click here.]

Uranus and Pluto (the two planets that represent the evolution of consciousness for Humanity) are in a Square Aspect (angular relationship) with each other. This transiting aspect is the key indicator of the radical changes, unexpected upsets, transformations and breakdowns that are happening in our world. This is a year for clearing any resistance that is keeping us from realizing our true potential. There are two peak times when these energies are strongest in 2014 – the months of April and December. [To read more about Uranus Square Pluto, click here.]

Mars (the planet that has to do with our access to and expression of personal power, passion and sexuality) makes an unusually long transit through the sign of Libra for the first seven months of the year (December 7th, 2013 - July 26th, 2014). [To read about Mars transiting the sign of Libra, click here.]

Jupiter (the planet that represents philosophy, travel, foreign cultures and our ability to create and access abundance, prosperity, expansion and success) will be in the sign of Cancer until July 16th. Jupiter in Cancer encourages us to develop and express a philosophy of the heart. It supports us in expanding our heart family to include, ultimately, all of Humanity. This is a positive time to think 'Global Family'. Success and abundance is supported by activities that emotionally nurture, feed and provide hope for others. It is also a good year for improving our home situation and family relations.

Both the number 7 and Jupiter in Cancer encourage us to trust our innermost feelings enough to open our hearts to others, take emotional risks and share our feelings.

The major theme of the first half of the year is about relationships and heart connections. It is a time for developing meaningful relationships through a deeper understanding of how we use power, passion and sexuality. You will know where you are by what is happening in your life and by what is reflected back to you by others. This is the Law of Attraction in action.


Astrologically and numerologically speaking, there will be a big shift in the seventh month of this seven year (2014). The month of July is a pivotal month when both Jupiter and Mars will change signs. This is significant because it will affect how we access our power and abundance. On July 17, Jupiter will move into the sign of Leo and it will be in this sign through August 10, 2015. This will set a more dramatic tone for the remainder of the year. Become aware of where the sign of Leo is in your Natal Chart, and be creatively active in this area of your life. This is the way to stimulate abundance, increasing prosperity and successes.

The second half of 2014 is about creative self-expression and playfulness. The higher octave expression of Leo energy is the warm-hearted, creative, playful leader who inspires others to connect with their inner child. This is a time to play, create, take the lead and connect with the other children around you. All of life is a play, and each of us is an actor in the illusion of life. Be the leading star of your own play – and just have fun for the fun of it!

Jupiter transiting Leo is a time to think BIG! When you express generosity and appreciate the beauty of life, you will attract more prosperity and abundance. However, with Jupiter in Leo, watch for a tendency to over-spend and to over-act!

After being in the sign of Libra for almost 8 months, Mars will move into the sign of Scorpio in the evening of July 25th. It will transit the sign of Scorpio for 50 days, bringing increased energy to our passions and sexuality. From then on, it will move through the signs at a much quicker pace (an average of every six weeks per sign).

It is more important than ever before, that we live in the moment. Reflection, concentration, visualization, imagination and meditation are all processes that support this and lead to the quiet mind of soul consciousness. This is where the power and the wisdom of the Universe reside.

Meditation is not a way of making your
mind quiet. It's a way of entering into the
quiet that's already there.

- Deepak Chopra -

The influences of this year will help us to realize more of our potential in life. It's time to reinvent ourselves through new courses of inspired actions, from the inside out.

May the year 2014 bring you increasing Joy, Prosperity and Great Love.

In Love and Appreciation,
Govinda & Janet

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