We are a million microscopic particles of sand,
Crushed together in a wave.
As the seas salty breath draws back
With the tidings of the moon,
The Sun holds it's golden chalice just above the horizon,
And drinks from the stars that have yet to rise.

A breaking wave is the ebb and flow of the heart,
Crashing from continent to distant continent.
Reminding me of the vast connection of every soul
That walks this tiny planet.
A footprint made evident by the shadow of the times.

It is here I seek expansion.
It is here I seek the flame to light the candle of my heart.
It is here that I lay low my sense of loss and vacancy.
For every wave that pulls back from shore,
Smoothes the sand for the next wave to ride until it breaks.

Right now I'm drawing breath
As if I've never drawn a breath before.
My hands write as if they've never shaped a word.
And the discovery is both intrinsic and optimistic.
A connection with an unearthed devotion
To the well-being of myself.

Goodbye self loath and my fears of the unknown sea.
Goodby quaking regrets and unfulfilled endearments.
Goodbye sadness and disparity of life.
I am now an empty vessel,
Not of lack but of yearning.
To be filled with all the joyous wonderment
And beauty I can hold.

Goodbye fathomless sorrow and painful memorandum.
I let you all go.
I let you pull back with the waves as
I drink from the setting sun.

I am now truly alive and happy.
I am myself experiencing myself.
I am a grain of sand on a beach.
Waiting for the next wave,
The next sunrise,
The next shimmering eclipse in the ocean of my heart.

~ Jameson Shaw ~

California Wave
Monteray, CA
Photograph by: Janet Rose