The Life Reading you did for me blew my mind! You told me things which validated what I had already known spiritually. To have someone talk to me on such a deep level, is rare indeed! It was a true blessing. I had NO idea how powerful and empowering astrology is. Fabulous, just fabulous!

Dolma, Spokane, WA

I have received a blessed gift with your life reading. It is reverberating through me and I know will take a while to really sink in. Thank you so much for the exceptionally high vibration with which you read and held the process. I am so grateful you do what you do, and who are are in the world!

Mytrae, Portland, OR

Since I like being able to stack the deck in my favor as much as the next person, I was intrigued by the concept of a Solar Return Reading. It just looked 'right' to me. And I have to say that the results I saw last year were well worth the trip across the continent to put myself in a favorable position. I've had an amazingly growth-oriented year. Talk about a Global Positioning System! Ha! Thanks again.

Judi L. Hendricks, Clairvoyant Counselor, Grayslake, IL

The Life Reading you gave me was absolutely 'spot on!' Govinda, you were the answer to my prayers! I had asked for guidance "in words that I can hear" and you did just that. You corroborated everything that Spirit has been trying to tell me (for probably 20 years - sigh), and I finally GET IT! Thank you so very, very much.

Alexa, Coeur d-Alene, ID


Thank you for this reading, Govinda. I feel a renewed confidence to "step into my wholeness," with confirmation from the reading. I very much appreciate and am taking seriously your "how to" suggestions, health and recovery recommendations, etc. Yikes, lots and lots of work. I'm inviting creativity to make this "play time" with humor, dance, music and most importantly, with help from your reading and meditation c.d.'s. A most heartfelt thank you.

Shirley, Spokane, WA

I've been reviewing my Life Reading daily and I want to thank you again. Your words have unlocked energetic blockages in me and have enabled me to get in touch consciously with my inner guidance. Namaste'

Marguerite, Chicago, IL

Thank you for the divine work that you do. Your astrological and intuitive guidance in my Current & Future Trends Reading, has helped me open myself to receive what is coming my way.

Dolma, Spokane, WA

Thank you so very much, Govinda. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your gentle delivery of my natal chart and solar return. The bigger picture seemed so familiar to me as you shared it. A recognition of truth which leaves no room for the ego to dance around what is true or negate the inner knowing. These readings are also an encouragement to get on with what I'm here to do. Thank you.

Anna, Australia