The Transiting Moon Phases & Signs

The Moon moves through all twelve signs of the Zodiacal Belt in approximately 29-1/2 days. Each sign has its own unique effect on our emotions. You can feel these as the Moon moves through the signs of the zodiac.

Simultaneously, the Moon moves through four phases: New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon, Third Quarter Moon and then back to the New Moon.

The New Moon is the beginning of a Lunar cycle, with a Conjunction Aspect to the Sun (i.e. the Moon and Sun are in the same signs). This initiates new energies to be experienced.

From the New Moon to the Full Moon, the first two quarters, the Moon is increasing (waxing) in light. This period of increasing light is generally a good time for new beginnings, new projects and ideas for growth.


The Full Moon is the culmination and the potential of the New Moon, when emotional energy is most intense. Our experience of these energies often begins about four days before, and continues for about four days after a Full Moon. The Full Moon is always in an Opposition Aspect to the Sun (i.e. the Moon and Sun are in opposite signs).

The period from the Full Moon back to the New Moon, the Moon is decreasing (waning) in light. This period of decreasing light is a good time for completing things and going inward.

"Full Moon in Sagittarius
Sun in Gemini

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