Full Moon in Gemini
Sun in Sagittarius

16 degrees, 1 minute
Wednesday, December 7, 2022
8:08 pm (PST)

Stargate Opening
December 12 - 21, 2022

Winter Solstice
1:48 pm (PST)
Wednesday, December 21, 2022

This is a time of Personal and Spiritual Mastery like none ever known before.

There is so much going on this month energetically and spiritually giving us many opportunities to express our love and compassion for all beings and our universe.

Let's begin by looking at the energy
of this Full Moon.

With this Full Moon in Gemini, we may feel passionately driven to express ourselves emotionally! This is a powerful time to express our thoughts and emotions about what is now taking place in our lives and around the globe. We may be more intellectually stimulated and receptive now. Solutions to problems may come when we sit and allow Spirit to work through us. Writing and talking about these solutions will help in the birthing/creative process that is so desperately needed now. Gemini energy is an active one and you may feel more restless than usual, and perhaps somewhat overwhelmed by too much information, and unable to make decisions easily.

The Sun in Sagittarius brings the enthusiasm of fire energy. Sagittarius energy is overt, creative, playful, jovial, philosophical, expansive, generous, optimistic, direct and, often, blunt. If you bring this fire energy to your creative process, it will help to manifest your ideas into fruition.

Since the Full Moon (in Gemini) is in an Air Sign and opposing the Sun (in Sagittarius) is in a Fire Sign, there could be a tendency to overthink things and speak out with passion and impulsivity. Also, be aware of a tendency to talk too much and say things that could spark conflicts and misunderstandings. This energy can also stimulate righteous indignation, without your even knowing it!

A powerful T-Square Configuration with Sun and Venus (in Sagittarius) and Mercury (in Capricorn) opposing the Moon Conjunct Mars (in Gemini) Squaring Jupiter Conjunct Neptune (in Pisces) (See figure in Red) brings us awareness of confusion, deception, hidden agendas, and misunderstandings. The energies of this celestial alignment are helping us to wake up consciously and to recognize the great hypnotic spell being placed on humanity along with hidden agendas and deceptive tactics of those who are promoting these dangerous illusions. Please, slow down, take a breath, go within, feel the energy, and listen to what your heart has to say. When you do this, you will know what is true for you and what is not.

Mars is conjunct the Moon and is also currently traveling retrograde, which amplifies its energy. Mars is the planet of action, passion, motivation, and movement. On October 30th it began a ten-week retrograde cycle in the sign of Gemini and will be complete on January 12th. While Mars is in retrograde in Gemini, we are invited to reappraise various aspects of how we “do” things related to communication and information. Gemini is also a natural multi-tasker, so we are being challenged with honest self-assessment of how well we multi-task. Ask ourselves which of the projects or ideas that we have been juggling are worth the effort and which ones are merely a distraction? It may be time to let some of them go.

A Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction (in Pisces) is Sextile to Pluto (in Capricorn). This conjunction invites us to take a deeper and more serious look at our relationships and to recognize their intrinsic, spiritual value. If you are single, this could help you to draw sacred love to yourself. If you are already in a committed relationship, this could help you to deepen your understanding and compassion for significant others in your life. This may also support healing and forgiveness.

Venus is at 27 degrees of Sagittarius, the exact degree of The Galactic Center. This is drawing in a high frequency for expanded love. It is up to us whether we raise our frequency to become one with this elevated vibration of expanded love.



Stargate Opening - December 12 - 21, 2022

The Sun aligns with the Galactic Center during an annual cosmic corridor from December 12th thru December 21st. It will be at its strongest from December 18th thru December 21st. This alignment will open a stargate and infuse Divine Light Consciousness that supports us in our spiritual evolution and for the greater good for Humanity and the Universe as a whole.

We strongly recommend that you take the time to perform some kind of sacred ritual on December 12th to usher in this profound energetic gift of Love and Light and again on the Solstice, December 21st to bless and close this cosmic corridor.

This is from Meg Benedicte:

“Cosmic gateways operate as pathway portals directly to higher dimensions, divine light frequencies, advanced consciousness and the source force of creation. On December 12 a gateway opens directly to the galactic center, the Great Central Sun, and remains active until the Solstice on December 21.

During the alchemical awakening, your mind becomes aware of sacred symbols and numerical patterns, noticing digital sequences such as 11:11 or 12:12. When you see alchemical symbols it triggers DNA cellular encodings. In esoteric knowledge, 12 represents the full circle, the totality, the completed cycle of experience leading to regeneration and higher consciousness.

When we connect to the 12:12 Gateway, the 12 crystal rays of the 12 universal dimensions ignite more of the dormant 12 strands of DNA encoded in the Soul’s Light Body. The Soul’s Ascension Codes awaken as the genetic structure evolves into quantum unfoldment. In the same manner as the chrysalis of a butterfly, the Soul’s galactic DNA unfolds and emerges in physical form, forging the sacred vessel for Soul embodiment.”

Winter Solstice
Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Winter Solstice is the great stillness before the Sun’s strength builds and the days grow longer in the northern hemisphere. The Sun begins a new foundation as it enters the Sign of Capricorn.

In the Northern Hemisphere, we are experiencing the longest and darkest nights of the year and the shortest days with the least amount of daylight. In the Southern Hemisphere, we are experiencing the opposite. Wherever you are, this Solstice is a turning point for the light.

The energy of winter solstice is about pausing and going within for rest and deep reflection. It is a great opportunity for personal growth and transformation.

The Solstice is a powerful day for Sacred Rituals honoring both the darkness and the light and inviting balance and harmony into your life. Celebrate this day with lights! You can do this with candles, Christmas lights, and so on. This act is a reminder of the Divine Light that illuminates our path and shows us the way.

Whatever you choose to do, know that there are thousands of people joining in this celebration around the world. Let’s unite with our sisters and brothers to bring Light to the Darkness and allow the Miracles that are so needed at this time.

Always remember that we have free will to choose for Love or fear, in every moment. Free will means we can say “yes”, or we can say “no”, knowing that Divine intelligence exists to guide us should we wish to follow it.

Happy Holy Days,
Govinda & Janet