Neptune Transits Pisces
Dissolving the Veil

We have entered a very special time, where the veil of forgetfulness is dissolving and the remembrance of who we are is getting stronger.

On February 3rd, 2012, the planet Neptune (which rules Pisces) entered the sign of Pisces and will transit this sign until January 2026. A planet is said to 'rule' the sign that is vibrational resonance with. It is very significant when a planet enters the sign that it rules, because this gives it more power to influence our personal lives and the world.

Our dreams and visions are becoming more active, clear and significant. Messages from the subconscious and spiritual guidance can come through our dreams. It is good to keep a dream journal next to your bed, and write down your dream experience. Describe what happened in the dream, who (if anyone) was in the dream, how you felt (the emotions) about your experiences with anyone or anything else that you can recall. It is not necessary to understand the meaning your dreams to gain benefits from them. Spiritual guidance and intuition will become clearer, and clairvoyant experiences will increase.

An 'inner knowing' will naturally develop as we open our hearts and connect with Source. Empathic experiences will also increase, so be careful not to get entangled with the emotions of others. Sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish what emotions are coming from you, someone else or a group of people en masse. Learn to consciously identify your own space and honor it.

Ultimately, an awareness of the Divine Feminine energies will develop and bring more and more healing to our world through true compassion for the wellbeing of others. You may feel a need to come out of isolation and connect with people, and your community. 'People power' will increase as we connect with each other through our hearts. The power of people will be effectively demonstrated through prayer vigils with masses of people focused in simultaneous prayer and contemplation for the higher good of all.


Neptune in Pisces supports us to immediately connect deeply with others, through our hearts, in sensitive and meaningful ways. Share your mystical experiences with others. This helps to ground the experiences and supports others to accept their own experiences of the spiritual realms, as well. Most people, who experience psychic phenomenon for the first time, are likely to feel embarrassed or confused by this. When we share our experiences with each other, it gives us permission to open up to our spiritual connections with each other. This also supports and confirm our own personal, mystical experiences.

Those who have denied the possibility of the mystical realm are the ones who will be most shocked and upset by paranormal experiences. Their reactions may include fear, anxiety and panic. They may reach out to some of us 'weird people' for support and guidance. This will give us the opportunity to express compassion for them (a Neptune and Pisces attribute) and offer support for those who are awakening to their spirituality.

It is good to forgive the people we may feel have done us "wrong." When we are able to forgive our perceived enemies, and ourselves, it brings the healing energy of Love into the experience. Compassion, charity and forgiveness are essential keys for healing all relationships - the most important one being between 'you and You.' Remember that intuition is more powerful than the intellect, and the power of the heart is a thousand times stronger than that of the brain. By connecting with your heart and following your inner knowing, you will empower and bless your life.

In Love & Appreciation,
Govinda & Janet