Creating Prosperity
& Health
With Jupiter in Virgo

The planet Jupiter will transit
the sign of Virgo from
August 11, 2015 thru September 8, 2016.

This will be a year of major breakthroughs and expansions in the realm of healing and health, as well as institutions that serve the wellbeing of humanity. There may be benefits from foreign and international healing technologies, health facilities, exchanging of ideas and concepts with other cultures, and so on. This cycle will benefit health practitioners who are open to expanding their practices to include new, holistic, innovative modalities and techniques - some of which may will be born during this time.

Jupiter in Virgo supports expanded understanding and wisdom about healthy living and healing methodologies. These may include tapping into the spiritual and subtle healing energies of Neptune in Pisces, as we bring balance to Jupiter in Virgo. (To read about Neptune in Pisces, please click here.)

To understand how you can most affectively access and benefit from this energy, during this cycle, you would look to your natal chart and see where the sign of Virgo is. Also, look at where the planet Jupiter is transiting in your chart – i.e. what Houses Jupiter is transiting through and what Aspects (angular relationships) it is making to other celestial points in your Natal Chart. The Houses where the Sign of Virgo is in your chart shows you where and how to tap into the healing and abundance the Universe is opening for you to receive. Transiting Jupiter will activate expanding possibilities for you. Everything that you are asking for is available to you when you become a vibrational match to the gifts of the Universe. It is time to align with and trust in your connection with Source and be open to receive its glory.

Special Mini-Reading

For those of you who are interested in getting a head start on the upcoming 13-month Transiting Jupiter in Virgo cycle, I am offering a 20-minute mini-reading, by phone, for the low cost of $45. In this reading I will describe how and when Transiting Jupiter is activating these positive energies for you personally over this very significant 13-months period. We will look to the area of your Natal Chart where the Sign of Virgo is, the Houses that Jupiter will activate, and the Aspects (angular relationships) that Jupiter will make to other important points in your Natal Chart. This will give you insights into when and how to take actions to enhance your healing, prosperity and success.

To make your appointment for a mini-reading, please click here. Thank you.

Other Influences of Jupiter in Virgo

To fully understand this cycle, it is best to first understand the energies of the planet Jupiter and the sign of Virgo.



Jupiter represents the energies of expansion, abundance, prosperity, optimism, inspiration, wisdom, philosophy, religion, workshops, seminars, travel and foreign cultures.

The sign of Virgo rules health, work, service and attention to details. Virgo energy is service-oriented, work-oriented, detail-oriented, meticulous, careful and efficient. It brings order out of confusion. It is practical and intelligent. Virgo is analytical and can be obsessive.

Jupiter is in its detriment in the sign of Virgo. This means that Jupiter has difficulty expressing itself fully because of the shy, obsessive, critical energies of Virgo. There is a tendency to become too analytical, intellectual and critical. Jupiter sees the entire forest, where Virgo tends to focus on the veins in the leaf of a tree. People may place too much attention on unimportant details and possibly lose the larger vision.

Virgo is all about service, work, health, organization and attention to details. Jupiter is about expansion to greater possibilities. This combination may present wonderful opportunities to be of service for the good of others - especially those related to physical and mental health. Hospitals and educational institutions will improve their services to humanity through advanced technologies, attention to details and efficiency.

Jupiter in Virgo supports honesty and integrity in work and business, and congenial relationships with others in the workplace. It supports the creation of positive working conditions where you feel appreciated, and you can be paid well for the services you perform.

During this cycle, people will tend to be more health conscious, aware of the foods they eat, the water they drink and may be inspired to improve their lives. Now is the time to learn about how to heal and be healthy naturally. When you focus on service to your own wellbeing and that of humanity, the doors of prosperity and abundance will naturally open up for you.

This is also a time when religious and moral beliefs of the world may shift to express high ideals in more practical and humane ways. Jupiter in Virgo supports spiritual attainment through discipline and commitment to personal mastery. Now is the perfect time to commit to some form of spiritual practice, such as prayer and meditation, and to include this into your daily routine. Your life will get better and better as a result.

What an amazing 13 months
we have ahead of us!

In Love and Appreciation,
Govinda & Janet

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