As you may have heard, the planet Pluto has recently been demoted from the status of a "Planet" to that of a "planette".  Recently, 424 scientists of astronomy met at the International Astronomical Union conference in Prague, and voted to demote Pluto to "Dwarf Planet" status. As a result of their decision, Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

As Above So Below

Whenever there is a major discovery in the heavens, it is symbolic of a shift in the consciousness of humanity. Since Pluto's discovery in 1930, Astrologers have observed the relevance of Pluto as a reflection of the profound transitional events experienced on Earth, for Humanity and each of us, as individuals. Pluto's discovery ushered in an era that brought nuclear fission, the atomic bomb and horrendous dictators to the world. The atomic bomb brought to the Collective Consciousness the reality of a destructive power that could possibly cause the annihilation of all life on Earth and continues to be a threat to this day.

A Pluto transit brings up unresolved, fear-based emotions from the unconscious that Carl Jung termed as the "Shadow". When Pluto purges these emotions and brings them into our conscious mind, this gives us the opportunity to feel and process them, so they can be healed. Most people are not willing, or able to do this, because it is so difficult – the most difficult journey in life is the journey of Truth. To face your self honestly takes great courage. The ego does not want to accept that it has imperfections. The tendency is to protect itself and to project all negative energies onto someone, or something else.

The denial of Pluto as a Planet, and the demotion of Pluto to dwarf planet status, reflects the collective consciousness ego's denial of its own shadow. The fear we see in the world is a reflection of the collective shadow.

It is time for us to heal our collective consciousness of repressed fears. To do this, we must take responsibility, individually and collectively, for the fear that we feel and transmute this to love. We must recognize that only through surrendering to Love (aka God) can we access a power great enough to heal ourselves and our world.

So, the choice is ultimately yours: are you going to deny that your shadow emotions exist (Pluto, the Dwarf Planet), or are you ready to own your shadow emotions and heal them (Pluto, the Planet)? The first path leads to denial and a delay of your personal, emotional and spiritual growth. The second path leads to self-awareness, emotional healing and personal mastery. It's up to you to decide.



In the above article, we looked at Pluto and how it reflects the shadow nature of the Collective Unconscious of Humanity, as well as our own personal shadow nature. The tendency of most humans is to deny this part of our psyche, thereby hindering our personal and collective evolutionary process. I also emphasized the importance of processing emotions that come up from the deep psyche.

I wish to illuminate two other important aspects of Pluto that are also denied by the majority of human beings:

1- The Power of God – i.e. the supreme power of the Universe that profoundly affects our collective and personal lives, and

2- Our individual, personal link with this power.

You have a unique link to Source, known as the "Higher Self" - aka "All-Conscious Sun", "Godhead" and other sacred names. The goal of enlightenment is to consciously connect with your Higher Self and act as an instrument of God in this world.

Pluto, in your Natal Chart, indicates how and where you naturally align with your Higher Self and access the Power of God most directly. Transiting Pluto – where this planet is in the heavens now - indicates when, where and how the Power of God is most directly active in your life at this time. Usually, there will be a major transformation occurring in this area of your life. By consciously engaging in activities where the Natal and Transiting Pluto are, you will align with the Power of God.  

Here are three ways that you can effectively align with your Higher Self and channel the Power of God:

1- Consciously direct your life to serve the good of Humanity through the areas of your life where your Natal Pluto and Transiting Pluto are. For example: If your Natal Pluto or Transiting Pluto is in your Eleventh House, you may get involved with self-help or spiritual group activities. If your Natal or Transiting Pluto is in your Fourth House, you may want to have these self-help or spiritual group activities in your home.

2- Surrender to the changes and the higher Truth that your Natal Pluto and Transiting Pluto are bringing to you. Where Transiting Pluto is affecting your Natal chart brings profound and powerful transformations to those areas of your life. For example: if Pluto is transiting your Fourth House, you may experience transformations and /or death in your home and /or family. Although this may be difficult, and possibly traumatic, you may find that the long-term results of these changes will be helpful to your spiritual evolution.

3- Practice meditation regularly, and ask for divine guidance on how to use steps 1 & 2 most effectively.

In Love & Appreciation,