The Dalai Lama's vision for our world sees us each take
action in our own way in six specific arenas:

Social Justice: Countering the forces that keep corruption,
collusion, and social injustice in place and replacing them with
transparency, fairness, and accountability throughout the public sphere.
This may mean forceful action, and an ethical upgrade in political,
business and religious life.

Economics: The widening gap between rich and poor requires a more
equitable distribution of resources and rethinking the basis for a
fulfilled and satisfying life - and finding more creative ways
that business can do good, not just well.

Service: Helping those in need, while also empowering them to help
themselves. The mandate to help means not just handouts, but also
providing the means for the poor, the ill, and those in dire need to
improve their condition with dignity and confidence.

Environment: Healing the planet's wounds and making visible the links
between our material world, our habits and the systems that support
life. Surfacing these hidden links requires a deep understanding
of the micro- and macro-level consequences of daily human
activities, ranging from construction to commerce.

World Peace: Replacing conflict, war, and intergroup hostility
with dialogue and connection. This long-term approach to keeping the
peace would one day see conflicts resolved through talk, not violence.
It goes hand in hand with an end to seeing other groups as the enemy.
In the realization that "they" are really "we".

Education: Schooling the heart, so children grow up with the social
and emotional tools to heal the world's wounds. Such an education
would cultivate inner tools for self-mastery, empathic conern
and living in tune with human values.

- Dalai Lama -

Photograph by: Janet Samadhi Rose