Easter is the symbol of the resurrection, the crowning accomplishment of the forgiving mind. It represents the triumph of love and the healing potential within every moment. It represents a reason to hope when all hope seems lost, the potehtial for light that exists within even the deepest darkness, and the possibility for new beginnings that seems impossible when all has gone wrong.

As a principle, resurrection does not require our recognition in order to exist. But as a practical reality, it requires our willingness in order to manifest. Our openness to infinite possibility - the willingness to consider that there might be another way that a miracle might be possible - makes us available to miracles. We become pregnant with the possibilities once having allowed the thought of infinite possibility to penetrate our consciousness. We become co-creators with God.

Delving into the mysteries of a religious hero's journey can unlock secrets otherwise unavailable to our conscious mind. The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus are among the deepest of mysteries. Where parts of us have died - to hope, to growth, to new life forces - God restores our crucified selves to new life, restoring the cosmic order to situations where even the most horrifying chaos reigned before.

Human suffering is inevitable in a world that is permeated with illusion and fear, yet through the power of forgiveness we can and do transform it. With every prayer, every moment of faith, every act of mercy, every instant of contrition, every effort at forgiveness, in time we move beyond our suffering and find inner peace at last. We die to who we used to be and are reborn as who we are. Thus rising above the consciousness of darkness, ignorance and death.

Each of us goes through this - we all have our own curriculum, our own crucifixions, our own battles and trials and tribulations. But each of us has within us, as well, the potential for enlightenment and resurrection, as an indwelling God both calls us out of darkness and delivers us to Light.

Light, according to A Course in Miracles, means "understanding." The resurrected mind is the mind that understands. It understands that only love is real, and nothing else exists. It understands that illusions dissolve in the presence of love. It understands that we, and everything about our lives, can change.

May Love renew your life today and may peace prevail on earth.

Happy Easter.

Marianne Williamson

Photograph by: Janet Samadhi Rose