"We are born at a given moment in a given place, and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born."
Carl G. Jung

Life Reading

This is a reading of your Natal Chart and is the basis for all other readings. Govinda describes the patterns that your soul chose to experience, develop and master during this lifetime. It includes a description of your soul purpose, recent past lives, career talents, relationships, ideal mate, emotional energies, health and more.

"I've been wanting to share with you how thankful I am for the insights you offered me during my Life Reading. The impact of hearing spoken confirmation of things I knew intuitively has been incredibly powerful. These insights have inspired me to deepen my spiritual connections, leading to a newfound ability to trust in myself and the protection of the Universe."
C.S., Whitefish, MT

Solar Return

The Solar Return happens every year, when the Sun returns to the exact place in the Zodiac that it was at the moment of your birth. This can be on your date of birth, the day before or the day after, depending when that alignment occurs. The Solar Return Chart indicates the cosmic energies of your year to come. This reading gives insights into your physical health, home, family, finances, emotional patterns, personal relationships, mental energies, career, spirituality and higher focus for the coming twelve months. Information needed: date, time and city of birth plus the location where you are at the time of your Solar Return.

Solar Return Location

At the moment of the Solar Return, the energies of your year to come are imprinted into the ethers of the Universe. A key factor that determines the quality of the energy of this imprint is where you are (the Longitude & Latitude) at the exact moment of your Solar Return. It is possible to influence your personal Universal Imprint by consciously choosing this location. With this service, Govinda helps you to choose the optimum location for you to be at that precise moment. This service also includes a reading of your Solar Return chart.

"Your words in this reading are very motivating to me and I plan to be in the 'right place at the right time' for this Solar Return. I learn more with each reading about astrology and am fascinated by it. You go deep with perception and interpretation. You brought to my attention that which only an exceptional astrologer as yourself is able to do and make it seem effortless! Astrology is not just magic to me, but brings more understanding to how current day interpretations can help someone live the best life they can with the stars and planets supporting every move."
M.L.D., Spokane, WA

Relationship Reading

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed."
Carl G. Jung

Learn how your important relationships resonate on the physical, emotional, financial, intellectual, philosophical and spiritual levels. Discover the purpose of your relationship and how you can each use your talents for mutual benefits. This is a valuable reading for lovers, marriage partners, parent-child, siblings, business partners, employer-employee, etc. This reading has three parts: The first two parts describe the Synastry (interactions) of energies between two people. In the third part, you will learn about your relationship entity through a description of the Composite Chart. Family consultations are also available.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful relationship reading! We loved learning about our relationship on so many levels - past lives, what we're healing and creating together, energies we bring to each other's lives, and how to work with our relationship on higher octaves. Your compassion, intuition, and breadth of wisdom are profound gifts. Govinda, your work is so special and unique. This coupled with the life readings you did for us feel like a compass I can refer to again and again. Thank you."
M.M., Psychologist, San Francisco, CA

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Mini-Relationship Reading

This Mini-Relationship reading gives you insights into the basic effects of the synastry of your Natal Chart with the other person's Sun sign. It is a generalized look at the energies of both Sun signs designed to help you understand your relationshiop with your partner, child, friend, family member or coworker. The only information needed is your birth data and the other person's birthday (their year of birth is not necessary). The information given is descriptive of anyone born on that date who may affect your life. It is not specific to that person.

Current & Future Trends

In a Current & Future Trends reading, Govinda describes the cosmic influences that are affecting your life now and week-by-week for the next 6, 9 or 12 months. This reading gives you a clear perspective of the energies affecting you and will show you how to align with the pulse of the Universe. You will learn when to take action and when to be still. This reading includes insights about your finances, career, public relations, personal relationships, health and more. You may bring any questions you have to this reading.

Geographical - Astrocartography
Map & Reading

This reading includes a printout of the Astrocartography Map and reading of the astrological energies of all the areas throughout any continent (your choice) of the world. This map supports you to choose the most positive locations for your health, personal relationships, career, financial prosperity, creativity and much more for this lifetime. On the map are numerous lines that identify the cosmic energies that affect your entire lifetime in specific ways. Before your reading, Govinda numbers all the lines and colors each of these lines according to their basic affects. During your reading, he will describe, in detail, the meaning of each line, by the number.

Astrocartography Map

Event Timing

The outcome of any event (e.g., marriage, beginning of a business, publishing a book, closing on your home, etc.), can be influenced by choosing the time and place of its "birth." Govinda uses the Natal Charts of the individuals involved and Electional Astrology to determine the most auspicious moment to begin your important event.

Child Guidance

In a reading of your child's Natal Chart, Govinda provides insights into his/her personality and natural talents. By understanding the Natal Chart of your child, you can be more objective as you support them in realizing their fullest potential.

Personal Guidance

Personal guidance is available by the hour or half-hour. In this session, Govinda assists you personally and spiritually with whatever you are experiencing and desiring to create in your life. Govinda always invites Divine Guidance and will use your Natal Chart and your current Progressions and Transits for clarity and support.

A Life Reading is required prior
to this consultation.

"Working with you, your counsel and your vibrant energy is indeed transformative. Noticing that instead of struggle and further resistance, that with your bringing understanding and awareness to our "Higher Counsel Table", I am able to feel refreshed, at ease and move on
with far more grace."

K.W., Albuquerque, NM

Energy Healing

The Energy Healing session is a powerful healing modality that activates positive Divine Golden Light energy for improving your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being by removing any blocks of resistance that are keeping you from meeting your true potential. Through this simple, yet profound process, a vortex of energy is opened, allowing the Ascended Masters to enter your etheric and light bodies to clear and balance your being for healing on all levels. This also raises the vibrational frequency of the energy field (Aura) around your body.

For more information, please contact Govinda at: Govinda@AstrologyWithGovinda.com

Since Spirit knows no boundaries,
this healing modality may be performed