Pluto Enters the
Sign of Aquarius

Pluto is the most powerful spiritual planet
in our Solar System.

Pluto is a deeply spiritual planet that most clearly represents Source Energy (the Power of God). Pluto is the most profound transformative, evolutionary planet in our Solar System. It acts to transform and purge all that is out of harmony with the essence of Love. It is the planet of death and re-birth (i.e.: The ending of old ways of being, allowing the birth of a new and expanded way of being.)

Pluto enters the sign of Aquarius on March 23, 2023 and will express the “0” degree of Aquarius until June 11th, when it will retrograde back into the 29th degree of the sign of Capricorn from June 11, 2023 thru January 20, 2024.

During the time that Pluto is in the sign of Aquarius at zero degrees, it is activating the introduction phase of the Age of Aquarius. It will remain at zero degrees until February 22, 2024, when it will then move into the first degree of Aquarius and remain in there until January 18, 2044.

When it reaches the first degree of Aquarius and beyond, there will be a significant shift in the awareness of the Collective Consciousness. This will act as a welcoming bridge for humanity to cross over to a familiar place of consciousness with a feeling of coming home again.

When Pluto enters the sign of Aquarius it activates one of the most profound celestial alignments of our lifetime. This is one of the key activators for the Age of Aquarius. It is what we have been waiting for.

Pluto represents the collective unconscious of Humanity. Pluto represents our ability to create miracles. A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love. And because perception, or thought, is the causal effect of everything, when you shift your thinking, everything shifts. (Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change. – Mahatma Ghandi). Pluto helps us to do just that!

Aquarius is an Air sign that strengthens us through socializing, communicating, and sharing intellectual perspectives. Communication is not only verbal communication, but it also includes facial expressions, the distribution of thoughts, words, feelings, and energy. Aquarius rules friends and groups of people. It rules organizations, committees, infrastructures and so on. In other words, Aquarius rules society as a whole. Aquarius energy is original and unique. Freedom is an essential part of the Aquarian energy.

Pluto in Aquarius indicates that we can only find freedom when we take responsibility for our lives and become fully autonomous. Pluto in Aquarius will help us to find our true inner power. Not a power that seeks to control and take advantage of, but a power that seeks to express one’s truth in a way that serves the best interests of humanity at large.

The Pluto in Aquarius cycle, combined with the new cycle of Saturn in Pisces (a three-year period which began on March 8th) is establishing a foundation that will create more respect for spiritual principles and discipline as spirituality is legitimized and becomes more popular. Spiritual masters will appear to help guide humanity towards oneness with our universe.


The planet Saturn represents structures, boundaries, institutions, tradition, functionality, commitments, principles, focus, karma, and mastery. Pisces is a water sign and represents ideals, compassion, visions, mystical and Divine Intelligence.

As Saturn transits the sign of Pisces, many of the old structures and limiting concepts will dissolve, supporting us to use our imagination and vision to create new structures that support higher ideals of compassion and love.

Mystical sciences will bring new inventions that support spiritual awareness and that stabilize our connection with Source. Tools for spiritual development will be developed to help us to experience the infinite realms of consciousness.

Now, more than ever before, we must go within to get our answers. Leave AI behind. That is artificial - not real. We have access to a Quantum Field of consciousness where all Truth lies. Trust your own personal connection. That is real! One way to do this is through meditation.

The Dalai Lama said that in order to save the world, we must first meditate. When we meditate, we tap into a quantum realm of ultimate perfection where creative forces are activated - beyond what the mortal mind can formulate or perceive; where sparks of miraculous creations are. Through meditation and surrendering ourselves to higher consciousness, we will be shown what to do.


"The desperate state of our world calls us to action. Each of us has a responsibility to try to help at the deeper level of our common humanity." - Dalai Lama

God cannot do for us, what He cannot do through us. So, now is the time to say, "Dear God, use me. Use my mouth. Use my mind. Use my talents. Use my abilities. Use my expertise. Use my skills. Use my relationships. God use me!" And you know what He will say? "I will." - Marianne Williamson

We are at a critical 'Choice Point' in time, when we must make the most important commitment of our lives. Do we choose to live and create life from our natural state of being - which is "Love", or do we make choices from our ego way of being - which is "Fear"?

Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we have learned here. It is a choice that we make in every moment, whether it is made consciously or unconsciously.

The power of Spirit will joyously work through all who surrender and ask to be used as an instrument of Love and Light. Do not allow the world and your ego to distract you; let go and let Love guide you.

In Love and Appreciation,
Govinda & Samadhi

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