The Spiritual Implosion
of Light

Saturn and Pluto will be aligned within
a one-degree Conjunction from
December 31st, 2019 - January 24th, 2020

This marks the most profound celestial alignment from 2019 thru 2020, and one of the most important alignments in our lifetime! It is powerfully affecting the evolution of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and providing unlimted, miraculous possibilities for each of us.

A ‘Spiritual Implosion of Divine Light’ is infusing with the Collective Consciousness and all matter in our world! This Light is exposing, revealing and transmuting the energies of all structures, including governments, nations, cultures, institutions, businesses, corporations, earth structures and time itself.

There seems to be a continuous undercurrent of tension. We are constantly being bombarded by fear energies of epidemic proportions - purposely projected through social media, corporate news, EMF’s, and so on. It is undeniable and at times palpable. This is the lower vibration of Pluto, folks. It is intense and uncomfortable.


How do we survive such an attack on our senses? By focusing on the higher octave energy of Pluto. This is the vibration of the Power of God. This is the transformation from a life lived in fear to a life lived in the essence of Love. Love is the preferred state of being, not fear. It takes a strong commitment and spiritual discipline to bring the energy of Love into fruition. Pluto is just the planet to help us do this.

Pluto is Transiting the Sign of Capricorn (from January 2008 – November 19, 2024) and Saturn & Pluto are aligned in a rare and very powerful Conjunction (from December 31, 2019 - January 24, 2020). These celestial alignments are happening simultaneously and represent profound shifts and cycles of evolutionary development for the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and all structures in the world.

Pluto is a deeply spiritual planet that most clearly represents Source Energy (the Power of God). Pluto is the most profound transformative, evolutionary planet in our Solar System. It acts to transform and purge all that is out of harmony with the essence of Love. It is the planet of death and re-birth (i.e.: The ending of old ways of being, allowing the birth of a new and expanded way of being.)

Pluto in the sign of Capricorn serves our collective and individual evolution by showing us where our principles, commitments and structures have become obstacles to our Oneness with All that Is. The removal of these obstacles will help us to consciously recognize our Unity with all beings and all things. It serves us by purifying the negative, fearful ways of being, so Love can prevail.

Sometime this is done through a transformational process that does not always feel pleasant. What makes it unpleasant is our resistance and judgment of the process. Resistance is futile. When we surrender and “go with the flow” the transformation is much easier.

Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn. When a Planet is said to ‘rule’ a sign this means that it has vibrational resonance with that sign. Saturn and Capricorn both represent everything physical in our 3D world - including our commitments, principles (by which we make commitments), authority, integrity, careers, businesses, corporations, governments, institutions, economies, nations, karma and the time-space continuum. All of these are now being transmuted and evolving.


On a personal level, it is time to take a deep and honest look at the structures and commitments that we have in place, and the principles by which we live and make our commitments. Are they serving our highest good and that of Humanity? If not, now is time to transform them or let them go. These two Pluto cycles are helping us to do just that!

One of the biggest concerns facing humanity is climate change. We are experiencing increasingly intense earth changes; extreme weather patterns and storms that are more and more destructive; the decimation of our rain forests; the extinction of many plants, animals, insects and healthy, chemical-free food; and clean water sources around the globe are becoming less available. Politics are ugly. The energy of fear seems to be dominating this world.

Yet, even within all of this chaos, there exists a constant Essence of Love. When we focus on and act with Love, Truth and higher Principles, we will have a positive effect on the results of these transformations. Saturn Conjunct Pluto is a ‘Miracle Manifesting’ astrological alignment. As we hold the visions of higher good for all and feel the positive possibilities of love manifesting in our world, we will create miracles.

The Dalai Lama said that in order to save the world, we must first meditate. When we meditate, we tap into a quantum realm of ultimate perfection where creative forces are activated - beyond what the mortal mind can formulate or perceive; where sparks of miraculous creations are. Through meditation and surrendering ourselves to higher consciousness, we will be shown what to do.


"The desperate state of our world calls us to action. Each of us has a responsibility to try to help at the deeper level of our common humanity." - Dalai Lama

God cannot do for us, what He cannot do through us. So now is the time to say, "Dear God, use me. Use my mouth. Use my mind. Use my talents. Use my abilities. Use my expertise. Use my skills. Use my relationships. God use me!" And you know what He will say? "I will." (*)

We are at a critical 'Choice Point' in time, when we must make the most important commitment of our lives. Do we choose to live and create life from our natural state of being - which is "Love", or do we make choices from our ego way of being - which is "Fear"?

Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we have learned here. It is a choice that we make in every moment, whether it is made consciously or unconsciously.

"Life is a series of choices.
Each choice reflects a belief
based on either Love or Fear.
James Van Praagh

This is a time of miracles. The power of Spirit will joyously work through all who surrender and ask to be used as an instrument of Love and Light. Do not allow the world and your ego to distract you; let go and let Love guide you.

In Love and Appreciation,
Govinda & Janet

(*) Marianne Williamson

Note: Each of us will be affected by this energy. How you will be affected is revealed by understanding where Transiting Pluto & Saturn are in your Natal Chart and how they are interacting with your Natal Houses and Planets. From November 1st thru January 11th, I’m offering a special personal 20-minute Mini-Reading for $45 that will explore how this profound, life-altering alignment will affect you, and how you can use this energy to its fullest potential in your life. For more information, please contact Govinda directly. Thank you.

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